The Seneca Falls Development Corporation (SFDC) is inviting Seneca Falls residents, business owners, and community leaders to our second public Community Workshop to work on the Branding and other aspects of the upcoming 2017 Town of Seneca Falls Economic Development Plan.

The open meeting will take place from 5:30pm-7pm on Thursday, July 6th, in the Generations Bank Headquarters located at 20 East Bayard Street in Seneca Falls. SFDC board members will be in attendance and the public is encouraged to participate since the purpose of the workshop is to create a list of prospective action items designed to foster economic growth for the Town.

The 2017 Findings Report, which is available at as a downloadable PDF, provides a general overview of the statistics, conditions, opportunities, and influences relevant to Seneca Falls. With this data, the Community Workshop participants will be invited to help create a list of tasks and action items tailored around the findings or relevant to the pursuit of economic development in the areas of Building Regional Partnerships and Establishing a Brand for Seneca Falls.


To ensure suitable space, interested participants are encouraged to inquire or RSVP via email at or by telephone at (315) 338-4359.